Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woman's Best Friend = Seasons of the Year

I read a passage by Dr. James Dobson on how he beautifully compares a woman's monthly cycle to the seasons of the year.
(Hmmm... interesting.)

"The four weeks of the "cycle" are charactertistics of the four seasons of the year. The 1st week can be termed springtime. New estrogens began to spring up each day and a woman's body begins to rebound from the recent winter.

The second week represents summertime, when the living is easy. A woman during this phase has more self-confidence than during any other phase of the month. It is a time of maximum energy, enthusiam, amiability, and self-esteem. Estrogen levels account for much of this optimism.

Alas, the fall mush surely follow summer. Estrogen levels stedily dwindle as a woman's body prepares for winter. Progesterone, is released, causing estrogen levels to fall like leaves, and this initiates PMS. It is a bleak phase of the month. Self-esteem deteriorates day by day, days get colder and colder, bringing in the depression and pessimism with it- much like the chill of the upcoming winter. A bloated and sluggish feeling often produces not only discomfort but also the belief "I am ugly". Irritability and aggression become increasingly evident as the week progesses, reaching a climax immediately pior to winter.

Then comes winter. Most experience discomfort but some find it necessary to spend a day or two in bed during winter season to get away from the freezing weather. Gradually, the siege passes, the ice melts, and the refreshing newness of springtime returns. "

Girls...don't you agree?

Guys...take note!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pangs

THE PANGS...Now in this Blog near you!

It was a bumpy ride. I opened my eyes only to find myself behind a truck that was speeding dangerously. I could see the shadows of two ladies kneeling on the floor opposite me, shivering and frigthen. As I peered through the wooden planks that stood between the running skylights and us, I could see that it was raining outside. It was almost pitch dark expect for the lights that glimmered in a distance and reflected itself on the sea. The silloutte of the ladies caught my eyes. They were pregnant! I peered down at my own body...I was pregnant too!

I could see a figure running beside our moving truck. It was MY DARLING! Lengkap in his superhero costume...i had the impression he was Zorro. Hehehe. And so, 1 by 1, he began pulling out the pregnant woman while trying hard not to fall into the sea beside him. 1 down, 2 to go. 2 down, me to go!

But but but...he was running out of time! If he didn't get me out in time he would crash into the bridge. He reached out for me...just a little bit more...almost...splash...he fell into sea, and I, was left trying to see if he was alright.

I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, the truck had already stopped. 2men shoved me out of the truck and I tumbled to the ground. As I struggled to get myself very pregnant self up again, I noticed that I was dumped in front of "Freescale". However, Freescale looked more like a hotel than an office. The "freescale" words were made out of silver metal, shining in its majesty, and it was placed on a stone wall right outside the steps leading up to its grand entrance.

I had to get inside, I told myself. I somehow knew I would find Jason inside. Just then, the baby kicked. Cramp. Pain. Oh no! I think the baby's coming! I waddled in, hunched, scouting for Jason.

I found him. He was reading books in the library. Calling out to him, I hurried over, nearer to him. He was, however, distracted with the book he was reading, so he inched closer to me, STILL, reading the book.

Push.Breathe. Push. Breathe. Jason was helping me deliver baby no 1 with one hand, STILL, reading his book with the other hand. Before we knew it, baby no2 was coming out. TWINS! He was STILL reading his book. Multitasking! Haha.

Woke up.

Pets of the Past

Introducing my pets ( who are no longer around)...

Meet "Yesterday".

Haha! That is how he sleeps. :)
You might be wondering why we called him "Yesterday",
The story goes like this:
My brother would always tell us each day how he saw an orange cat yesterday. So when the orange cat finally decided to stay with us, we called him "Yesterday".


This is Tomorrow.

He sleeps almost EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE!

Especially in Baskets...

AND of course...he lets us bully him. :P

Cat Bao.
Egyptian Cat.
We even trained him to climb like a monkey! :)
This is "Today". ( the names kind of keep on going...) We name every cat that passes or visits us names like "one day", "some day". :P
And we had other pets like tortoises
This is "Grass" and "Woof".
P.S I don't know who is who.

This is how they play with each other...Peeeeeekabooo!

All of them are not with us anymore. Yesterday went away ( maybe to die); Today was given to my Aunt who keeps cats but eventually was put to sleep because she was sick; Tomorrow was also given to my Aunt and he became the "King of the house"( Also died cause he got sick); Grass and Woof was donated to Titiwangsa Lake before we moved.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunset, Beautiful Sunset

I'm truly blessed to be able to witness such beautiful sunsets each day...
RIGHT outside my balcony! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nature at its Extremes

In the Morning, the sky looked so beautiful that I just had to take a picture!

In the evening, it was beautiful too!

Little did I know, there was a BIG STORM that night.
So BIG that my window slammed open and the doors trembled.
The wind howled and the curtains flew high the whole night.
The air that came through the small gap in the windows blew in the stand fan's direction,
and in return produced "air-con".
Ah, the wonders of nature-
In one day, I witnessed nature at its extremes.

Monday, April 20, 2009 smell, I guarantee!

What flavour you ask?
Chocolate chip.
Who would come up with these kind of things?
Who else...


Care for a bite?

Monday, April 13, 2009

And My Sister Did it Again!

Talk about laziness!
Talk about those simplified-one-step-does-it -all thingamagits!
Take a look at this!

My sister bought it in the Pasar Malam.
Know what it is?
Well, the shape gives you a hint. :)
It's an apple cutter.
And this is how it works in just 1 step!
But I'll go slow motion for better viewing.

The apple.

The placement.

The pressing.

The Product.

Ta Da!
Apples- ready-to-eat, no sweat!
I tell you, only my sister comes back with these kind of things. LOL

Guitar Maniac!

Tell me: Who in the world would buy 1 guitar, 3 guitar bags, 4 picks and 2 pick holders, all in one go, and carrying them all over Pasar Seni?!

The Guitar Maniacs of course! ( Jeremy, Grace, Ruth and my mom)
Even the shop owner thought we were crazy.

You see, we were suppose to pay our Saman ticket in Pasar Seni and someone also wanted to buy a guitar for his brother. AND, my mom knows the owner of the guitar shop, so can get discount banyak-banyak!

So off we went. We found the guitar and bought a bag with it. Then a nice thick padding guitar case caught my eye so I got it. Then I remembered that my darling wanted one too. We were actually on our way else where before turning back to the guitar shop the second time to get one for my darling. I heard the owner telling his friend in cantonese:" Wah yao mo gao cou oh...mai gam toh..." Malunya!

Anyway, the other accessories were mainly free. We only had to pay for 1 pick holder and 2 picks. So it was like a buy 1 free 1, and a buy 2 free 2 thingy. SWEET!

Then we had beef noodles. I tell you everyone was looking at us cause the guitar and the 2 other guitar cases had their own seats at the table. They were probably thinking we were somekind of musical family or something.

Look closer! I just realized that my mom and I have that same "guilty-look" smile. So that's where I got it from. :P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Dress and The Piano

I was with a friend, walking through a "shopping mall". I opened the door to the carpark. I saw a drop of blood on the floor.


Beginning to feel scared, I looked around anxiously. Then I saw him! A man, coming out from a car that had a bloody hand sticking out from the car door. The man looked at us and slowly slid away.
I waved my hands helplessly in the air, trying to think what to do.

Call the police. Get the police. Run to the police. I thought to myself.

My friend was faster than me. He hurried the police to the scene. All I could do was point them to that direction. I was freaked! The police saw the suspect but they didn't chase him.

Instead, the police turned to us and said:" Can you idetify him?"

I nodded. The police then turned thier attention to the victim.

The incident haunted my mind. Everywhere I turned; every dark corner or alley I had to pass; gave me the shivers. I was afraid that man would return to kill me. I was the only who could identify him. Of course he would want to get rid of all witnesses right.

I was hallucinating how that man would suddenly appear out of no where. It was eerie. And the whole dream was in complete silence. ( You know how they do that in movies, complete silence, especially when the bad guy is going to pop out).

Nonetheless, I had to get ready to meet Jason.

In a distance, I could hear him playing the grand piano. It was lovely. I have never heard Jason play like that before. Some jazz classical fusion. Strange but true, he, in a suit and all, was performing on a stage. Siap with a mini circular "stadium-like" atmosphere, with chinese "ah lian" aunties sitting on the red cushioned seats that circulated the stage; each row a bit higher than the previous.

I was ready. I walked down to the stage through the red carpet opening that seperate the seats. Jason was still hammering his classical melodies on the piano. All around me, I could hear the aunties, who by now had shifted their attention to the lady walking down. They began whispering in cantonese:" Wah, hou leng oh"; " bing kao lei ge?"; " sam hou leng.".

I looked at myself.

I was wearing a flowery cheongsam-like dress. The dress sweeped the floor as I walked, so I had to lift it abit. It was a magnificent dress. Shades of beautiful colours with beautiful flowers on it. Wow, how does my brain come up with these kind of things in my dream. Even my hair was all done up with ornaments on it; my face glowing with make up.

I met Jason on stage. I bet all the aunties were anticipating what's going to happen next. However, the manager of the shopping mall, which now looked like a hotel, called for the attention of the ladies, saying that they would have to buy their tickets if they were to participate in the "sale". All the ladies shot out from their seats and quickly hurried themselves to the manager, hoping to reach their first. I suppose kiasu-ness for the sale comes first, KPC-ness comes second; cause all of them forgot we were there.

So we slipped away quietly, off the stage. While walking to the car, I must have related the incident to him, as he was comforting me and I was clinching to him everytime we took a turn or passed by a dark area.

We got into the car safely. I had no idea where we were going but it must be important, for us to be wearing something so formal.

We took off. Driving on, he began telling me some story that I was not really listening to because I was waiting for him to say: you look beautiful today.
He didn't. Hmmm. Somebody knock his head please. (Evon, you can do the honour. Haha. :p) Instead, he was urging me to respond to his story, giving me cues to respond.

He rambled :" So i was blah blah blah...ok say 'Ahhhh'"
"Ahhh", I said as I looked at him.
"Then, blah blah blah...ok you need to say "wow""
"Wow", I repeated.

And so on and so forth.

I noticed a car tailgating us from behind. They look like mischevious young guys who were making themselves deaf in the car. They over took us. I didn't bother looking at them.

Then, the dream became a blur.

But I remember dreaming about other things which I'm still trying to firgure out if they are connected.

A murderer who turns in a Komodo dragon.
I called it stupid so it wanted to kill me.
I knew it was a murderer.
I killed it instead.
I pushed it down a drain hole that had boiling hot acid (Did this come from Pastor Philip's Bukit Jalil incident?).
It burned to smitterins.
The police were after me for killing someone.
I had to convince somone that that Komodo dragon is a human.
And that THAT human was a murderer.
But how?

Oh. The agony of not knowing.

A Walk To Remember

It was a rainy day.
But the rain had stopped.

I was in the studio.
So I wouldn't know about,
the weather outside.

Ring, went the phone.
Honey I'm here, were the words I saw.
Yikes, I said, I'm coming.

I hurried out.

Hi, he said, as I walked beside him.
Why can't you park here, he distracted me.
Well, I said, I can't because....
I rambled on.

He scouted the area.
I rambled on.
He double checked the area.
I rambled on.
He put his hand in his pocket.
Still, I rambled on.

Ring, no it wasn't the phone.
Ring, he held it in his hand.

I looked at him.
I must have looked quite blur.
I looked at his hand.
I must have looked quite blur.


And said.

Will you marry me?

-We had a moment-

Pop, I woke up.
I checked, he assured me, no one-la.

-We had a moment-

I was hoping it would still be raining,he mentioned.
I had an umbrella prepared.
It would have been a korean-movie-moment.

I giggled.
He laughed.
I blushed.
He smiled.
Then, we walked on.

I lean on his shoulder.
We walked on.
Then I looked at him.

Oh, wait I forgot to say:


The path we walked, truly a walk to remember.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gracie Does the Darnest Things!

So, I was walking past the piano when I noticed something strange.

I took a second look, and Hmmmm-ed to myself.

What a strange book mark.

My sister really does the darnest things.

A PEG?! ... as a bookmark?