Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2. Why you guys so relax one?

Ok ok, so, I've been getting that ALOT! More often than none, the second line of that comment would be :" Most couples would be panicking by now about their big day. But you guys? Nothing to do ah?"

You know him la, he is very very "cool", calm and collected; and you know me, kononnya quite the "slumber-la" also. So if you both us together, jadi? = slumber-combo-couple lo.

BUT Slumber is NOT the equivalent to lazy. So it doesn't mean we didn't do anything. We actually gaotim quite a bit of stuff already, some stuffs just waiting for the right time to put things into action or do, some stuff pending for discussion etc etc etc. I guess what makes everything easier is because we are not that picky or particular about things so by not macro-managing everything to the "perfect-no-mistake-everything-I-ever-dreamt-of-wedding", it does help reduce the stress and unslumberness. We really do prefer a simple, sponateous-prone, enjoyable one. If mistakes happen, it doesn't really matter, more things to laugh about loh and it will definitely be a more memorable one.

And we have many wonderful friends to help out in each area, so that's definitely a big help. And there's nothing, really, to panic about. We have an evil team of chi muis and a "guy chi mui" to help us take down the guys one by one, a beautiful church to get married in, very wonderful and talented people helping us out in almost every aspect.

Oh btw, it is going to be a very very rojak english and mandarin service.

All these wedding mambo jumbo reminds me of two very contrasting weddings that I attended.

Wedding no.1.

So this couple decided to hire a wedding planner to gaotim everything for them. All they would have to do is listen to instructions, and do EXACTLY what she says. Every other tiny thing will be micro-managed by the planner. Easy peasy right? Super relaxing and enjoyable right? Going to be the perfect lovely wedding right? NOOOOOooooooo man. I tell you, I wasn't even the bride and I felt the unnecessary stress man. The planner even had a printed minute-to-minute time scheduled of the entire day ( I bet in her mind, it was a second-to-second time schedule) It looked something like this:

6.30am Bride wakes up (* planner say MUST woh. Must control what time people wake up meh. I'm sure the bride is smart enough to know when she wants to wake up.)
7.30 Groom wakes up (* need to say meh...)
8.30am Heng Dai's -MUST arrive. You, the best man, you better make sure he gets here on time ( * Late 5 minutes also won't die what)
8.45am Get the bride- you only have 20 minutes to get the bride, no more no less (* where got fun!)
9.00am Leave for wedding ceremony
9.30am Wedding ceremony
( then one whole long detailed instructions to all those involved)
7.00pm Dinner starts
7.30pm ( one whole long DETAILED long instructions AGAIN)

What particularly annoyed me was when the planner was so picky about everything to the extreme, she even had to tell the bride WHAT ANGLE to stand when she walks. TOO MUCH. Walking also must be "PERFECT" woh. * Smacks head* And it was really a suffocating experience for the helpers as well. During the dinner right, the Mcee went out like 30 seconds too early also got scolded woh. The planner came and said next time you cannot do that, you must wait till the "perfect" moment to come out. Is there a perfect moment? I didn't see it in the DETAILED instructions also? The Mcee went out according to schedule what, how is he suppsoe to know when the planner's perfect timing is? Hmmm TOO MUCH. Oh yea, it was a "perfect" wedding, no mistakes, no flaws, everyone had that super smile and super angle position. TOO MUCH.

THE HORROR!That's not the kind of wedding we want. I guess it is such a terrible thing for us because
1. we are not exactly the most on time people la. So suffocating us with precise timing ain't going to work for us,
2. We hate people breathing down our necks and controlling every single little thing! Managing and controlling are 2 very different things,
3. So what if people make mistakes, it doesn't make one's wedding a horrible one right?

Wedding no. 2.

Arrived at the church and saw the bride waiting outside to go in. She was moving around, walking here and there, not because she was nervous but she was thanking people for coming and thanking people for their compliments. She looked so carefree and happy. Sweet! They walked in to "oh happy day". Another carefree song. Then when worship started, the to-be-weds sitting in front was enjoying themselves praising God and swaying to the music. Wow this is really the first time I've seen such a carefree, bubbly, natural, happy couple ( I mean it shows from the inside! Of course most couples look happy but can see the stress, unnaturalness and irritable-ness on their faces). Even the ceremony was carefree. The Mcee made plenty of jokes, the groom's father came out at the wrong time(that was so cute.) and everyone just laughed about it. Dinner time was carefree as well. The groom even sang and danced with the bride. So sweet.

This is my inspiration. No need all that super uptight perfect to the dot I'm going to kill you if its not the way I want it to be wedding. Just a sweet and simple enjoyable carefree one with plenty of room for heartfelt laughter, bloopers and just being happy from the inside out!

Monday, December 7, 2009

1. God is funny

Time is passing pretty fast huh. 5 more months to go to a entirely new phase in life. Well, in light of "getting ready" for it, 3 things has been popping up quite often.

1. God is funny ( in an absolutely wonderful way! *not like the comic below)

2. I've been getting this a lot: "you guys are the most relaxed couple I've seen"

3. I've been asked this many times too: "are you ready ah?"

1. Firstly, why is God funny?

Just the other day, before we started counseling, we were going for one of our walks are talking, having an in depth discussion about who we should ask to do counseling for us. I must say, we were being quite THE choosy la. "This one cannot la...not our type; and that one quite ok also but might not be so suitable; twat one possible what hor what don't know if it's in his jobscope. Hmmm...let's ask twat one first, then that one 2nd, but THIS one definitely we will ask last la"

But nooooo... guess what? I bet God was giggling to himself because...

The VERY NEXT DAY, THIS one approached us quite suddenly and asked us when we are free to start counselling and say that although THAT one would love to do it but they might not be very free to do it. ( and TWAT one is completely out of the question cause he doesn't do in the first place).

We were quite taken aback. I mean, what are the chances of everything being solved in like, what, 1 minute; and we took like maybe out WHOLE walk to talk about it. And the very one that we decided not to ask, ASKED us.

We looked at each other, smiling, our hearts giggling and our eyes were saying to each other
" Very funny God, You knew this would happen right...God, You are funny."

But looking back, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Our counselors are really the best there is. And they really are the best- for us.

Similarly, just the other day, we were talking about being hospitable to other people and we both agreed that we are really not good at it and would really like to learn to be more hospitable to others next time when we have a place of our own.

AGAIN, Lo and Behold, the VERY NEXT DAY, our counselor SUDDENLY brought up the issue of hospitality. I couldn't help but laugh out loud, till the counselor asked if I wanted to say something. What are the chances la, the subject is not even in the syllabus that we are going through. I guess God opened our hearts to talk about it and also prompted our counselor to bring it up, in order to further teach us the very essence of being hospitable.

Interestingly enough, when we planned to have our ceremony in HKMCKL church in town, one of the rules of the church is that the pastor of that church would have to register us. And guess what we just found out? No one in our church can register us because the gov has taken the back the license. Talk about perfect timing. God even Gaotim that for us even before we had the chance to worry about who can register us. Hehe.

God really does know what is best for us and is faithful to provide in everything, even when we don't know what we need, or don't know it YET. In spite of us trying to take matters into our own hands, over and over again God has proven that He is in control, He sees the bigger picture, and in His prefect timing He will show us the way and lead us.

Just like the verse in Proverbs 16: 9 The mind of man plans his ways, but God directs his steps.

I'll get to no.2 and no.3 another day.
As well as a sneak peak into the book of "building lasting relationships". It is really good for people who are in a relationship, helpful and a guaranteed healthy relationship if both are willing to put it into practice.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Duck Tongue

Who wants duck tongue for dinner?
No kidding!
My neighbor bought over some pre-packed duck tongue from China.
(Yea, China, the land where EVERYTHING can be eaten)
This is how the packet and the duck tongue looked like.

And this is how it looked like after it got eaten.

Quite unique eh, the bone.
I didn't even know tongues had bone.
Do we, humans, have bones in our tongue?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lego Mania

So, my kid neighbor came over to my house and play. Guess what? Yup, he brought his Lego set. So, we started to make our Lego battleships.

This is his: Captain King

Mine: Sergeant Muahaha

and his crew: Mr Pineapple-with-no-hands

and Mr Headfull- the navigator

together they make the perfect dream team:

Haha. I hope the kid doesn't learn the wrong things. :P

Turtle cloud

See, turtle...i think of you then the clouds also form into you. HAHA lol.

Monday, September 14, 2009

These Kiddos: CUTE!

Check this out! This baby is so cute!!!!! :) He knows how to give people the "evil" eye.

And this baby's laugh is so funny!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Butt Chair

Does this chair look out of proportion to you?
Well, it is.
However, ONLY people with small butts can sit on this chair.
Where to buy it you ask?
Lee Ptd Lte.
Yup, this chair actually broke so my dad modified it.
He took out the blue green seat covering and placed it around another round plank and then screwed it back to the frame of the chair.
(unfortunately the round plank was quite small).
Nonetheless, it's repaired, good as design somemore!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Awwwww..he dedicated this song to me on our monthiversary. (melted)


I love you, the love of my life
I need you, our love is right
I've found the one that my soul loves
No other love means so much

I prayed to my God for a heart to keep
He gave me the one, He knew my needs
Over and over this love is sweet
I recognize the joy that makes our love complete
God gave you to me

You're the one I prayed for long ago
Fearless trust I never thought I'd know
I've found the answer to my dreams
My eyes were opened to love's mystery

I prayed to my God for a heart to keep
He gave me the one, He knew my needs
Over and over this love is sweet
I recognize the joy that makes our love complete
God gave you to me

The love of my life...

I love you, the love of my life
I need you, our love is right
I've found the one that my soul loves
No other heart gives so much
God gave you to me

You're the one I love
You are the love of my life

© 2001 Darla Day / BMI /
Jeremy Medkiff: percussion /
Jonathan Brown: keys

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ruth Wan is My Name :)

Take a lookie!
Jason and I came out in the Star papers on Fri ( 26 June 09), Wedding section.

( *click to enlarge)

I'm a "Wan" according to my I.C. :P so technically, it's correct. LOL.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grace's Hair

Yes! I dreamt that Grace's hair looked like this! Her hair was blue in colour, all braided up on top. What more, the braids had long yellow balloons entangled in them. So, the balloons stuck out from her hair like a mohawk. Haha. :P

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Monica, Jason, Jeremy, the pillar, Me, Si Qin, Guy1, Guy2, and Guy3 ( in this order on the round table) were all sitting at the table. It was a Malay wedding held in a restaurant. The hall was big but there were only 6 tables. Our table was at the end. The last one.

>Pic 1: How the dinner looked like and the position of our sitting.

And guess what? Jason was the Emcee AGAIN! HaHa. But this time, he wasn’t wearing formal attire. He was in his jeans and his dark blue long sleeve shirt. Show time! He walked up all the way to the stage which was pretty far; taking out his wallet and throwing it to his mom on the way for safekeeping; and after a few minutes he came back. Smilingly, he looked at us and told us the news.

“I went all the way up there to tell the audience about the groom but all that came out from my mouth was ‘ribbit’, ‘ribbit’!”


Then an air stewardess walked past to exit the door. She apparently had just played the violin on stage and was about to leave the dinner. We all looked at her as she walked out of the door. She was pretty.

Anyway we were all sitting down and it was funny how Jeremy was sitting in between Jason and I. Tsk Tsk. After Jeremy was a pillar, then it was me. Siqin sat on my right and I was having a discussion with her on what shoe the Guy2 was wearing. Siqin was in a high school uniform, a Baju Kurung to be exact. Hmmmm. And she asked me to look under the table cloth and describe to her what shoes Guy2 was wearing.

“Erm, Black with lines on it? The lines are more like the texture of the shoes,” I said.

“Oouu! Interesting! I think he is some kind of musician then!” Siqin said.

> Pic2: How the guy's shoe looked like.

I also conversed with Monica from across the table. We were talking about birthdays and stuff.

“You can get me pancakes for my birthday,” Monica said.

Then a young girl, probably around 6 or 7 years old, appeared out of nowhere. She was sitting on the table, holding a pen and trying to grab the menu to draw on. Jason then pulled out some exam papers from his file and gave it to the girl. She happily took it and started drawing. I turned to Siqin to make a joke.

“ You know, if you give the girl the test papers and ask her to draw, she won’t; but if you give the girl the test papers and ask her not to draw, she will! HaHa!” I said.

Siqin and Guy1 next to her laughed as if it was the funniest joke in the world! (Come to think of it, there’s really nothing funny about the joke. But it was funny in my dream!)

Change of scene.

My neighbors, orang putihs, from across my house barged in while I was sleeping. Asleep in the living room; on the floor; I woke up to find them staring at me in disgust as if sleeping on the floor was the worse thing to do. I was pretty mad when I saw their faces but I pretended to sleep. At the corner of my eyes I could see a whole bunch of orang putihs coming out from their house, one even in a bikini.


Later that day, my brother was showing me something rather interesting. My mom’s old Nokia Phone has a new device on it. It comes with a handkerchief compartment. Press a button and a stick comes out at the upper left corner of the phone. Attached to the stick is a miniature hanky wrapped around the stick.

>Pic3: The handkerchief device on the nokia phone.


Change of scene.

Jason and I were driving home to Jason’s house with a dog in the car. Apparently this dog belonged to Jason and we just saved him. His name was “Pole”. When we reached the front gate, I went out of the car to open the gate for Jason’s car to go into the porch. 2 dogs approached me. They were Jason’s too. AND, they could speak CANTONESE! Yea, they were sniffing at me and asking each other: “ yi ko hai Ruth lei gem eh? ( is this Ruth?)”

Then the other dog said: “ Hai ah. Ruth lei ge, Ruth lei ge. (Yes, it is Ruth. It is Ruth.)”

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blast to the Past: Hong Kong Disneyland

Destination: Hong Kong.

Time of arrival: Dec 2007, 0100 hours ( actually i don't know la, simply taruh a date ) - but the year is correct la.

The streets of Hong Kong; where its full of people and there's no space for the birds to fly without crashing into the signposts.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Since we arrived there at night, we were priviledged to witness the beautifully lit fountain that changes colour every few seconds, the streets, and the magnificent fake palace.

And we were in time for the fireworks! These are just some of the it:

The next day, we freaked ourselves out with the rides. This was some space mambo jumbo ride. Oh gosh, it was scary. ( if you look carefully, the person next to my sister is my brother. but you can't see him because he decided to duck all the way through the ride.)

Then, picture time! Mulan was pretty and her waist was so so so so small!

Goofy and Ruufy!

Dead men on benches was quite a common sight.

Captain Jack Sparrow! Look like or not?

We also got to watch the Disney Parade. By the way, the streets are always filled with music and songs...kind of really makes you feel like you are in disney cartoons.

The following princesses are real people, not statues.

Even the green soldiers were walking like robots ( but they are real!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The biggest glue stick you have ever seen!


It's a tissue roll cover!
And it's in my toilet! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Personality Test

Hey guys do this test, Jung Typology Test, and check out which temperament/personality you are. I think it is quite accurate. :)

Me? I am an Artisan ( click on the other link " Description by D. Keirsey" when you finish the test ).

All Artisans (SPs) share the following core characteristics:

  • Artisans tend to be fun-loving, optimistic, realistic, and focused on the here and now
  • Artisans pride themselves on being unconventional, bold, and spontaneous.
  • Artisans make playful mates, creative parents, and troubleshooting leaders.
  • Artisans are excitable, trust their impulses, want to make a splash, seek stimulation, prize freedom, and dream of mastering action skills.
Specifically, I'm a Artisan: Composer.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woman's Best Friend = Seasons of the Year

I read a passage by Dr. James Dobson on how he beautifully compares a woman's monthly cycle to the seasons of the year.
(Hmmm... interesting.)

"The four weeks of the "cycle" are charactertistics of the four seasons of the year. The 1st week can be termed springtime. New estrogens began to spring up each day and a woman's body begins to rebound from the recent winter.

The second week represents summertime, when the living is easy. A woman during this phase has more self-confidence than during any other phase of the month. It is a time of maximum energy, enthusiam, amiability, and self-esteem. Estrogen levels account for much of this optimism.

Alas, the fall mush surely follow summer. Estrogen levels stedily dwindle as a woman's body prepares for winter. Progesterone, is released, causing estrogen levels to fall like leaves, and this initiates PMS. It is a bleak phase of the month. Self-esteem deteriorates day by day, days get colder and colder, bringing in the depression and pessimism with it- much like the chill of the upcoming winter. A bloated and sluggish feeling often produces not only discomfort but also the belief "I am ugly". Irritability and aggression become increasingly evident as the week progesses, reaching a climax immediately pior to winter.

Then comes winter. Most experience discomfort but some find it necessary to spend a day or two in bed during winter season to get away from the freezing weather. Gradually, the siege passes, the ice melts, and the refreshing newness of springtime returns. "

Girls...don't you agree?

Guys...take note!