Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TVB Dream

This is a really short dream, more like a concept dream- the concept is important, not the storyline.

It was as if i was watching TV, a TVB drama to be more exact. The area of my view was like a TV screen, and there were subtitles at the bottom of my screen. Mind you, I wasn't in my dream watching the TV; the dream was the TV.

The people in my dream were actors and they were acting out my dream. What more, they weren't speaking english. They were speaking Cantonese!!! So, i had to read the subtitles at the bottom of my screen. Imagine that- reading subtitles to understand your own dream- pathetic.

Dreams are Like Movies

Hey everyone!

Dreams are like movies- well, at least my dreams are. Some of them really don't make sense, but nonetheless, they are interesting. :) So take a peek and let your imagination run wild! Also, do leave comments and i would love if you could try to interpret my dreams, just for fun!

Remember, everything on this blog is fictional, they only exist in my dreams. :P

Dozing off,