Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, we had to drive 2 separate cars to Klang for the weekend.
I drove his City, following behind as he drove his bro's Proton.
And boy was it an ironiCITY drive.

Upon reaching our destination I ask him,
"Why you drive so slow one...".

"What do you mean I was driving were the slow one...I was waiting for you!"

"Really? But I was waiting for you!"

WE laughed when we found out what was going on throughout the whole journey.

The following conversations were monologues in the separate cars at the same span of time.

City Driver:
Hmmm is it just me or is he driving like extra slow today?

Proton Driver: Walau, why she follow so slow behind one.

Come on come on....Faster la.

Proton: Is she scared or what driving my car? Not use to it? Cannot be waht, my car so powerful. Why is she driving so slow?

Why are you driving on the slowest lane...whyyyyyy......Don't you know that I drive pretty fast for a girl...
Maybe he wants to turn left soon.
Patience, patience.

Proton: God, she is like driving 4 cars apart! Maybe she really is scared. Patience, Patience...I'll wait for her to drive closer.

This ride is going to take like 2 hours!
I can go to Ipoh already!!!!!!
HAHA, look he is sticking out his hand to pull up the antennae...
Nevermind, nevermind...just follow patiently...
Turn the music louder.

Proton: This is going to be one long ride. Better on the radio ( Sticks out hand and pulls up antennae).

God, I so feel like overtaking you now.
Maybe I should go to the fast lane and honk you so you will go to the fast lane.
arrgghhhhh...Nevermind, just follow...soon soon.

Proton: I so need to pee! I better turn off the aircon. Reaching soon reaching soon.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Why you stay behind the lorry!
There are no cars in the fast lane...
Go la.. go la..I beg of you.
I cannot tahan already...I need to drive fasterrrrrrr.

Proton: Man, even when not on the highway she drives at such a safe distance. Why isn't she catching up.

So funny I tell you! When we told each other what was on our minds we were blown to bits with ironical-laughter.

Turns out that I, well, I guess out of habit, drove at a constant safe distance to prevent any emergency braking and thought that was normal; and he hasn't come across anyone who drives at that distance while following.

So there was a mis-communication and we were both waiting for each other.

Actually, we had a similar incident while we were driving 2 separate cars to the car workshop a few days back. I was meaning to tell him to drive faster the next time, especially on our next slipped my mind.

He on the other hand wanted to tell me to drive faster but hesitated cause he thought it might hurt my feelings as people have the right to drive as slow as they want, so he refrained from telling me.

HENCE...the AMAZING trip to Klang.


At least we didn't kill each other,
we weren't sensitive about it and didn't' take it personally,
but talked about it jokingly without any accusations.
Irritated at first no doubt, but filled with laughter thereafter.

The irony.

Another memory to add to our collection of adventures.

The moral of the story-

Every adventure is a new discovery of each other.
Let it not tear each other down,
Let it not be a "sensitive" taboo,
but instead,
Let it be a time of mutual respectful communication,
Let it be a time of laughter of the colours that life brings,
Let it be one of new insight, new understanding,
and above all,
a newfound reason to love each other.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Docked & Anchored

Voyage of the Bridey is finally over! Phew, that was a long journey, sailing.

Now, my ship has finally docked and i can throw down the anchor at island ( ok, cliche, but...) "Paradise".

The docking at the "jetty" ( Walking down the Aisle ) was an amazing one.

When I look at the people that matter the most to me, and when I look at the huge megagodzilla cross in front of me... it brought me to tears ( PHEW if you didn't see the bride's watering eyes on that day ). I could only bare to look at those 2 things for a few seconds each time, else my tears would have really DESTROYED my makeup. HAHA.

I guess the best part of the wedding was that overwhelming intense feeling of utter thankfulness and joy in the heart that THIS IS THE DAY INDEED.

Like when you've been sailing for a long time and you finally see land.
Or like you've been walking in the desert and you finally see water.
I wonder if that's how Noah felt.

THANK YOU ALL for helping make the wedding happen!

Back to "Paradise"...

Hey, who said paradise is all blissful. Take a look at the beautiful paradise of Pandora in Avatar. Beauty comes with a price. Dangerous creatures lurk in the shadows, danger awaits in those places you least expect, in places where beauty is at its best.

YES, paradise comes hand in hand with danger.

What one needs to do it learn how to live amidst beauty and danger.

If danger throws itself at you...learn to conquer and overcome it together;
( Think fighting the creatures of Pandora...whatever their names are )

If you throw yourself at danger...learn to pick yourself up and master over it, encouraging each other along the way;
( Think learning to ride the Medusa Aerocoelenterates flying dragon thingy in Avatar with the lady Avatar)

And if you need to save the world that the both of you have created together, take that risk and do what you have to do!
( Think conquering the Great Leonopteryx the biggest most powerful flying dragon thingy in Avatar)

Then, you can truly look at the horizon and soak in all its beauty.

Indeed, challenging but worth it!

It is just the beginning, but each day has been full of thankfulness.

Actually, to tell you the truth, it still feels like we are dating, except we come home to each other each day and take care of each other. :)

> shadows of vineyard & us in Margaret River, Western Australia