Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perfect World

I was looking through my Book of Dreams and deciding which one i should blog about first. There's just too many! So, i decided on this one:

I went to a boarding school. This school was no ordinary school- it was suppose to be THE perfect school with THE perfect students. Unfortunately, i was not perfect enough for the school and i wasn't doing something right. I didn't fit into the picture perfect school at all! So, the other imperfect misfits and I were sent to a secret reform school underground ( or another world). We had to be retrained before returning to the real boarding school.

Now, this underground school was an exact replica of the real boarding school in the upperworld. The mission of the school to provide a training ground for the misfits by recreating the exact situation, people (clones?) and places. Here, the misfits would be moulded into the perfect student and when they have achieved an acceptable level of perfectness, these misfits would be sent back up to the real boarding school to live the perfect student life.

So there i was, confused and lost as I had no idea where i was taken to or what was happening to me. I walked into a classroom- the same one i was in just a couple of seconds ago. Everyone had a pet in class. A guy with some strange water creature got my attention as i walked in. OH MAN! And you know who was my classmate? MY MOM! *fainted*

Ok, so I'm in class and I'm suppose to be learning how to be perfect. But I had no idea what was going on so i just went on living as normal (gosh! If I don't realize soon...I'll be stuck here forever!)

I walked around the school and it took me a pretty long time to realize that the school looked like a hotel. 1st class hotel= 1st class school! Anything, any service- you want it, the school has it. Walking by some rooms, I saw students talking to themselves, then *poof* the food appeared in a very canggih looking shelf on the wall. What more, they didn't have to pay. Apparently the whole school has a voice regconition activation system that automatically records whatever you do and automatically deducts credit from the your account. Imagine, all you have to do is just talk to the air and *POOF*!

Everyone was so perfect! But as i dazed around the school in amazement, something happened! In the midst of the little perfect world, a rebellion regime arose. I had the impression that it was my mom's fault but i had no idea why.

It was as if I suddenly had some premonition and suddenly realized the upcoming danger and knew that I had to save the world AGAIN. I ran all over the main office, looking for the headmistress, but I couldn't find her.

Meanwhile, WAR broke out right outside the walls of the office. It was giants against students! Don't ask me why tiba-tiba giants appeared in my dream. I have no idea! Haha.

However, the staff and the teachers, in fact, EVERYONE in the office seemed oblivious to what was happening outside! I started to panic and desperately ran around. I turned a corner and, FINALLY, I found the headmistress. She selamba-ly asked me what the problem was. I was in utter disbelieve of her ignorance when I told her that she needed to do something quick! (Students were dying! It was horrible!) There was a slight concern in her eyes but she did nothing more than a hair to help.

It began to rain. ( Like all berdrama movies do)


My head turned to the glass window beside me. My brother was going to be attcked by the giants. Students, including my brother, was standing together to create a wall, as if protecting something. Soaking wet, rain dripping from their faces, and sheer determination on their faces; they stood.

Again! A premonition! I knew it was no use! They will all be killed!

I leaped off of the glass wall in front of me as if it was not there. And it did feel like it was not there! All that was on my mind was to save my brother.


The huge fist of the giant was heading straight for my brother. I lurged forward, my mouth letting out a silent scream.



I took the blow. The rain flung from my face.

I landed on the wet wet ground. My fall echoing through the rain.


The fighting stopped.

Stares and silence was all there was.

Lying there, the rain pouring down on my body, but strangely, liquid from my body ( or rain?)was pouring upwards towards the sky.

"I'ts not the first time this is happening to her," I heard someone whispering to the stunned crowd. " Everytime she is dehydrated, her body will do that. It only happens to her."

(I was SPECIAL I suppose.)


"WHY?" Mr. Giant said, his Giant sister standing next to him.

I looked up weakly at Mr. Giant hovering above me.

" Because WE are ALL the same." (fuyoh, deep man.)

The moment of truth.

The giant shed a tear.