Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trippin' , Fallin' and Skippin'

On hind sight, God knew what He was doing when He put us through so much "trouble".

If everything went smoothly, we wouldn't know how to appreciate the blessings He has provided for us thereafter.

And He puts us through difficult times to strengthen our faith, and teach us lessons that He wants us to learn.

Be it to learn patience, or to learn to rely on Him and trust Him, or to remind us that He is in control...His way and His timing is perfect.

And he goes before us and with us to work things out even before we know it was going to happen, and then he slowly takes us through it all step by step.

And most of all, He definitely tests us to our limits, like our VERY wits! And just when we had enough, and were so so tired of it all...He knew it was our last straw.

And After that, He encourages us by giving us more than we can ever imagine.

The Rainbow after the Storm

So you're walking with your friend down the street,
To the mall! It's going to be a great feat!
What a wonderful day today,
Who needs an umbrella anyway.
You thought nothing could go wrong at all,
But then you heard the thunder call.
You look up to the darken sky,
"Oh dear! Looks like a storm is coming by."

You hope and pray that it will go away,
So it won't destroy your perfect day.
But no, with every glance up at the sky,
One more dark cloud hovered by.
Still, you hoped and prayed, ever harder, ever still,
That the storm won't be strong-willed.

You open your eyes with a little peek,
Hoping that God had done a miracle.
But rather than a ray of light,
A drop of rain falls in your eyes.
Before you know it you're running for cover,
As the rain keeps pouring down harder.

You find a shelter, a little hut.
Tho your feet are still getting wetter.
"Better than nothing," you said with a mutter.
The space was small, and cluttered with some "junk"
Probably left here by some punk.
Nonetheless you huddle together,
Keeping yourself warm by cuddling together.

You talk about hope among your dismay,
And say the sky looks promising although grey.
But without warning, and as if on cue,
Drops of water tickled down your back.
You jumped in shock and disbelief.
First the rain and now this? God what's with all these?

You grabbed a pail in what you thought was junk,
and was silent as you listened to the "Tink" and "Thunk".
Junk they were not,
For someone had placed them there with much thought.
You looked up at God and had a second thought.
And thanked Him for providing that "pot".


NOW cold and wet, you looked down with discouraged eyes,
and pled with God to be nice.
Finally, you said, as the puddles got clearer,
And the rain started to turn into a drizzle.
But the both of you just couldn't wait.

JUST couldn't wait to get there.

So you both dashed out not knowing that,
A speeding car you were going straight at.
So with one big Splash,
And another Swash,
There you have it, a walking "Slush".

Completely drenched and squeaky shoe-ed,
And only tissues for those Ah-chooes.
You walked on with heavy steps,
And a heavy heart that was singing Flats.
You can't take this anymore, you said.
You're at your limit and you will just wait.
But still you question: Why you, Why this?
God, no more. No more, Please.

A little bird chirped in your ears,
And flew up to the heavens above.
You look up and weakly smiled,
Could it be over,

Again, on cue, a rainbow glowed,
Right above where the sunshine flowed.
And flowers bud of spring-time's bloom.
The air so sweet and fresh and new.
You soaked in the beauty of it all,
And thanked God for instead of rushing to the mall-
He gave you time to be applauded,
Of how He works, and how He calls.
And how He teaches you in falls and all.

Would it be the same, you asked.
If it was sunny and no trials to pass.
You'd just walk by without knowing of,
God's hand, God's love, and God's faithfulness.

And now, after going through it all,
You have a GOOD reason to go to the mall.

And perhaps, the RIGHT reason.

by Tissuegirl

"Teach me your ways O Lord, that I may rely on Your faithfulness." Psalm 86:11

This journey is kinda like almost Trippin' ( and Fallin') to learn how to be Skippin' your way forward.

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